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The New Old Light_OUTLINE

The New Old Light is an extraordinarily shaped light that, with its characteristic design language, is reminiscent of the appearance of traditional street lanterns. Just as these lanterns would hang on a wire suspended over a street, the delicate wire framework holds this comparatively bulky light in the centre.

The-New-Old-Light_OUTLINE-By-KIMU-Design-03-759x427 The New Old Light_OUTLINE / KIMU Design

© KIMU Design

At the bottom, the frame feeds into a stable round base, thus creating a two-dimensional rectangle. An attractive light providing an even, diffuse light, whose pragmatically motivated, modest purism creates the effect of an art installation at the same time.

The-New-Old-Light_OUTLINE-By-KIMU-Design-04-759x427 The New Old Light_OUTLINE / KIMU Design

© KIMU Design

Based in Taiwan, uphold the fresh taste of Taiwan. KIMU introduces design into our environment by the most simple and natural ways. They believe that design exists in close proximity with humanity. Their products will positively transform the world.

The-New-Old-Light_OUTLINE-By-KIMU-Design-07-759x427 The New Old Light_OUTLINE / KIMU Design

© KIMU Design

Kelly, Ketty and Alex are the three creative strengths behind KIMU. Being constantly inspired by such different cultures, the chemistry between the east and the west naturally becomes the spark that lights up their collaborated works. Perhaps it was the childhood dream of being archaeologists that also led them to focus their design on bringing more classic and traditional objects into modern day life, and they do so by always finding their own beautiful and poetic solutions.

The-New-Old-Light_OUTLINE-By-KIMU-Design-12-759x569 The New Old Light_OUTLINE / KIMU Design

© KIMU Design

Besides being poetic in bridging conflicting elements, KIMU’s works also leave plenty of room for the user’s imagination and interaction with their playful setups. Even though the creative balance of form and function is essential, the completion of every KIMU product is found only when it is being used and loved in everyday life.

The-New-Old-Light_OUTLINE-By-KIMU-Design-17-723x1000 The New Old Light_OUTLINE / KIMU Design

© KIMU Design

KIMU Design:

By using the flat border to emulate the traditional appearance of lanterns, The New Old Light continued its style in the plane quadrant.

The-New-Old-Light_OUTLINE-By-KIMU-Design-18-759x443 The New Old Light_OUTLINE / KIMU Design

© KIMU Design

With the change of the wood proportion of The New Old Light, which produced the extension of breathing in a virtual space, the air particles seem to be paused at the moment of light on.

The-New-Old-Light_OUTLINE-By-KIMU-Design-21-759x427 The New Old Light_OUTLINE / KIMU Design

© KIMU Design


Name: The New Old Light_OUTLINE
Type: Lighting Design
Usage: Table Lamp
Materials: wood/metal/paper
Materials Combination: Paper + Metal, Wood + Metal, Eco / Recycled / Green

  • The New Old Table Light (Plump) – L 400 x W 160 x H 400 mm
  • The New Old Table Light (Tall) – L 300 x W 160 x H 520 mm

Colors: Matt Black, Dawn White
Year: 2014


  • 2016 – The German Design Council Award – German Design Award – Category: Excellent product Design > Lighting – Winner

The people:

Lighting Designer: KIMU Design – 6F., No.2, Ln. 180, Hejiang St., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104, Taiwan
Design Team: Yi Hsien Lin, Tingwei Yeh, Hsiaochun Shih
Manufacturer: Self-production
Text Description: © Courtesy of KIMU Design, German Design Award, Maison & Objet
Images: © KIMU Design, Hey!Cheese

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The New Old Light_OUTLINE / KIMU Design
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