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[highlight1]  THE WATER TANK PROJECT  [/highlight1]

Drawing attention to the global water crisis by transforming rooftop water tanks across all five boroughs into temporary works of art.

The Water Tank Project is a landmark public art initiative that will the transform New York skyline in the summer of 2013 by wrapping water tanks across the City with original water-themed art by renowned and emerging artists. Grounded in the inspirational power of public art, the project aims to galvanize a global community to dream big, to believe, to create, to share—to be the drop that starts a global ripple effect for water stewardship.

For the first time in history, New York City’s iconic water tanks will be used as canvases for public art. Twelve feet high, thirteen feet in diameter, made mostly of redwood, water tanks can be seen from almost every corner of the City.

With the support of the City of New York, we present The Water Tank Project (TWTP). For twelve weeks during Summer 2013, TWTP will transform the skyline by converting water tanks across all five boroughs into works of art on the subject of water. Artists participating in TWTP will donate original works of art, which we will scan and print on vinyl material that will be installed on carefully selected tanks. These artist-designed tanks will spark a global dialogue about the future of one of our most precious and endangered resources: WATER.


For three months in the spring of 2013, New York City will be transformed by Word Above the Street’s public awareness campaign: The Water Tank Project.

Grounded in the inspirational power of public art, The Water Tank Project will inspire millions of people to be more responsible with water in their daily lives.

Carefully selected rooftop water tanks across the city will be temporarily wrapped with original artwork on the subject of water. Celebrating the talents of established artists, emerging artists and even New York City school students, The Water Tank Project will reshape the city skyline.

People will experience The Water Tank Project live in NYC while many more around the world will experience the event virtually through apps and web based multimedia.

The Water Tank Project will also promote New York City’s high quality drinking water and highlight the role of the world’s major cities in leading the way to responsible stewardship of water.


Word Above the Street is pleased to present this large scale public art initiative to draw attention to Water as a precious resource by transforming 300 rooftop water tanks in New York City into works of art.Celebrated figures in art, music, science and New York City residents will redefine the skyline across all five boroughs in Summer 2012.The production will reach millions around the world through the supertechnology of apps, social networking, and online multimedia tools.


The City’s 10,000 water tanks, fixtures of the urban landscape for more than 100 years, are an ideal canvas for this extraordinary event. Twelve feet high, thirteen feet in diameter, made mostly of redwood, the iconic tanks are visible from thousands of vantage points.In the summer of 2012, they will become a visionary public art project to raise awareness of Water – in New York CIty and around the world.


  • Increased public awareness of the need to protect Water.
  • Increased appreciation of NYC’s high quality drinking water and the cost of plastic waste.
  • Public awareness of waterways open for sport and recreation.
  • Youth engagement & support for local projects.
  • Worldwide exposure for artists.
  • Increased awareness of NYC’s role as a world leader setting new standards for sustainability and environmental protection through the civic initiatives of PlaNYC.


  • Approximately 8.4 million residents of New York City inspired by the tanks for 12 weeks
  • 5 million tourists visit New York City and see the tanks
  • Millions around the world experience the event virtually through apps and web based multimedia


  • The event invites the public to explore and experience many of the City’s cultural assets including:
  • 620 miles of bike paths Blue Belt nature walks Art Galleries, Museums
  • Landmarks, parks and public spaces
  • NY Harbor and the waterways


Ed Ruscha, Marilyn Minter, Jose Parla, Carrie Mae Weems, Clifford Ross, Tony Oursler, Tony Conrad, Lawrence Weiner, Jay-Z, Thom Yorke

Open Call:

The Water Tank Project will also be hosting an Open Call! FIFTEEN WATER TANKS WILL SHOWCASE WORK SUBMITTED TO OUR OPEN CALL. All artists are encouraged to submit their designs to be judged by TWTP’s expert Curatorial Committee. We will be sharing more information about our Open Call in the coming weeks. Check our website and Facebook for updates!

$4 Million will cover the costs of all of TWTP’s components. These include:

  • All production elements
  • Paying artists an honorarium to cover the costs of the materials required to make their donated piece
  • All the educational components of the project, including school programming, our mobile media App designed by Yves Behar, public tours, and a Symposium
  • Public Events
  • Outreach
  • Designing and developing commemorative materials such as books, posters, prints, etc.


  • Legally secure our “superstar tanks.” This involves calling building owners, working with lawyers on legal agreements, and speaking with co-op boards about the project
  • Survey each tank to ensure that it is suitable for installation
  • Refine the printing process and finalize the installation technique
  • Begin scanning and printing submitted artwork

Word Above the Street engages artists from around the world to participate in projects that promote social justice and environmental awareness – blending art and technology for maximum impact.Pioneering fresh methods of communication through websites, social media, Apps and traditional media, Word Above the Street produces visionary projects that capture the imagination, stir the conscience, and have the power to change the world.

General Information:

Donate – bit.ly/TankYouhttp://www.kickstarter.com/projects/734752095/the-water-tank-project
Twitter – @WaterTankArt – twitter.com/#!/WaterTankArt
Facebook – facebook.com/TheWaterTankProject
Tumblr –  WaterTankProject.tumblr.com
Pinterest – pinterest.com/WaterTank
Website – WordAboveTheStreet.org

[highlight1]  Data  [/highlight1]

Location: New York, United States
Type: Street Art, Art in Architecture

  • Harness the power of art and technology to build a better world.
  • Make art that makes a difference. Broadcast art to an ever expanding audience.

Year: 2012 – 2013
Technique: wrapping water tanks

[highlight1]  The people  [/highlight1]

Artist: Ed Ruscha, Marilyn Minter, Jose Parla, Carrie Mae Weems, Clifford Ross, Tony Oursler, Tony Conrad, Lawrence Weiner, Jay-Z, Thom Yorke and more

  • Lisa Dennison – Chairman, Sotheby’s North and South America
  • Franceso Bonami – Curator and writer. Director of the 2003 Venice Biennale, 2010 Whitney Biennial
  • Bettina S. Bryant – Independent curator and producer
  • Mary Jordan – Award-winning filmmaker, artist and activist
  • Toby Devan Lewis – Curator and philanthropist. Trustee of The New Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Alison Gingeras – Head Curator of the Pinault Collection
  • Neville Wakefield – Senior Curatorial Adviser, MoMA PS1


  • Yves Béhar, Founder of the design & branding company fuseproject, will produce our App and aid our organization with prime product design.


  • The Ford Foundation, Agnes Gund AG Foundation, Joanne Leonhardt Cassullo, Lyn Lear, Sue Stoffel, Henry Buhl, Barbara Gladstone, Victoria Oberfeld, Thelma Golden and The Studio Museum Harlem, Rosenwach Tank Company, Isseks Brothers, Citibank, REBNY, Two Trees, The Durst Organization, Vornado Real Estate Trust, Time Equities Inc, Forest City Ratner Companies

Text Description: © Courtesy of THE WATER TANK PROJECT

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