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Tree Tents –  Stingray

Tentsile is a suspended tent, taking inspiration from the natural world by mimicking a spider’s web. Made from 3 weights of rip-stop nylon sheet fabrics, tentsile utilises the material’s integral strengths for different sections of the tent body. tentsile offers comfortable sheltered accommodation in any environment and is the world’s first suspended tent designed for use anywhere, by anyone.

Tree-Tents-By-Tentsile-03-759x506 Tree Tents / Tentsile

© Tentsile

The Tentsile Stingray is a new kind of tent that is hung between three trees, poles or branches and floats in the air, extending the radius of experience from two to three dimensions. The occupants (up to three people) are not only protected from the weather, but from wild animals and insects as well. The form changes according to the tent’s tension, making it seem almost like a living creature. This fascinating tree tent is an innovative outdoor tool that totally reinterprets the leisure tent system. At once functional and poetic.

Tree-Tents-By-Tentsile-06-759x543 Tree Tents / Tentsile

© Tentsile

“Tentsile combines the comfort and versatility of a hammock with the security and multi-person-occupancy of a tent. Our range of suspended shelters are unimpeded by wet, rocky or uneven ground conditions and will literally take your camping experience to a new level!”

Tree-Tents-By-Tentsile-10-759x506 Tree Tents / Tentsile

© Tentsile

“we create some of the world’s most versatile tents. All our tree tents are made to be suspended over the ground, but in dry conditions can also be pitched on the ground like a conventional tent. Whether you are looking for an all-terrain camping solution, a safari safe house, a mountain or beach retreat, or a portable treehouse that avoids all planning restrictions, with the Tentsile tree tent the sky really is the only limit.” – Tentsile

Tree-Tents-By-Tentsile-15-759x440 Tree Tents / Tentsile

© Tentsile

Tree-Tents-By-Tentsile-23-759x567 Tree Tents / Tentsile

© Tentsile


The Tentsile Vista provides a unique opportunity for you and your friends to experience the great outdoors from a new perspective! Tentsile was conceived as a treehouse you can take with you anywhere and combines the versatility of a hammock with the comfort and security of a tent.

Tree-Tents-By-Tentsile-32-759x758 Tree Tents / Tentsile

© Tentsile

A lightweight solution to multi-level camping, also able to shelter up to 6 people when used in conjunction with a Tentsile SuperFly and three standard hammocks.

Tree-Tents-By-Tentsile-37-759x949 Tree Tents / Tentsile

© Tentsile

The Vista comprises a spacious triple hammock, able to be accessed from all sides and suspended in tension above the ground. It is covered with a fully removable, elegant fly sheet roof and clip-in insect mesh.

Tree-Tents-By-Tentsile-44-759x964 Tree Tents / Tentsile

© Tentsile

The unique design creates a comfortable base camp, irrespective of ground conditions as well as providing increased protection from insects, snakes and other predators – if you venture somewhere more exotic.

Tree-Tents-By-Tentsile-52-800x1200 Tree Tents / Tentsile

© Tentsile

We created this product because we love trees and believe that if we’re all hanging our in trees, they can’t cut them down!

Tree-Tents-By-Tentsile-60-759x446 Tree Tents / Tentsile

© Tentsile


Name: Tree Tents
Type: Tent
Materials: nylon sheet fabrics
Dimensions: Varies
Colors: Mix / Multi Color
Year: 2016


  • 2016 – The German Design Council Award – German Design Award – Category: Excellent Product Design – Sports, Outdoor Activities and Leisure – Gold Award

The people:

Product Designer: Alex Shirley-Smith, Kirk Kirchev – Tentsile –  256 24th St, Ogden, Utah 84401, United States
Manufacturer: Self-production
Text Description: © Courtesy of Tentsile
Images: © Tentsile


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