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[highlight1]  Two Houses in Luque  [/highlight1]

Paraguayan architect – Bauen presents two wonderfully modern adjacent single-family homes and communal centerpiece. Locate on hillside in Luque, a town in south-western Paraguay, which sit opposite each other, divided by a triangular pool, mixing with their landscape. Ground floor spaces are exposed to sunlight through a double-height curtain wall, allowing daylight to penetrate the public areas. Even further underground, the more private spaces (bedrooms and car parking) are hidden from view, appearing as part of the surrounding earthy mounds.

Each home is built with natural stone cutting through the hills which frames each living space perfectly. Slender steel columns continue to branch off the rock partitions supporting a curved roof that continues up the hill-line to shade the interior while allowing plenty of daylight to illuminate the public areas.

  • Comfort and peace of mind when living in houses, land, vegetation, and also organized on the basis of the idea of ​​a design that is compatible with the climate. The project, Paraguay interprets the traditional way of life in a different perspective.
  • Completely reinventing the space and creatively modifying the land, the dwellings were placed symmetrically around a central garden, both benefiting from privacy and plenty of green space.
  • Natural stone walls can be seen through the green hills, framing the living spaces and adding a strong visual effect to the facade overlooking the garden and triangular swimming pool.
  • The bottom level accommodates the private bedrooms and garage, leaving cars out of site, while the upper floor hosts the public spaces.
  • Two houses, heat stabilizers, natural ventilation and energy saving systems are also extremely eco-friendly and cost-effective project.

In this project the search for a protected human space that suits to the topography, the vegetation, the tropical climate, and where people find comfort in the broadest sense of the word; takes us to propose a vindication of the knowledge contributed, and often forgotten, by our vernacular architecture. The “Culata Jovai” or “House of Confronted Rooms” is a real bioclimatic solution belonging to one of our traditional ways of living in harmony with the environment in Paraguay, and constitutes our base typology for a new reinterpretation according to new functional programs, needs of symbolic representation and new technologies, framed in a sustainable project.

With the inclusion of green roof, we recovers the original space of vegetation displaced by the construction, also reduces the gained heat due to the thermal inertia of the underground spaces, therefore reducing greatly the conventional energy consumption of homes.

We design in an exposed and desolate plane, without limits, for this reason we fold the base plane and we generate the “refuge”, we understand that the main feature of dwell is the care, and the essence of building is letting dwell..We contain the space by the fold of the base plane, without the occurrence of a foreign object, so the dwelling are incubated in their wrinkles, respecting the environment and making that the green be continuous, with their corrugations allowing the preservation of the inhabitant’s intimacy, where these folds are broken, the accesses are generated, in double height and topped by a fragment of sphere like a roof. The “Culata Yovai” is ready and disposed in his “tekoha”. *Martin Heidegger (Building, dwelling, thinking)..” Rather esoteric architects’ description; extensive glazing, abundant natural light; interesting form, interior volumes, materials; indoor / outdoor sensibility..

[highlight1]  Project Data  [/highlight1]

Project name: Two Houses
Location: Luque, Paraguay
Type: Green House, Sustainable House, Hill House
Project Area: 660 sqm – both houses
Project Year: 2011-2012
Status: Built
Completion Year: 2012

[highlight1]  The people  [/highlight1]

Client / Owner / Developer: Private
Architects: BAUEN – De La Residenta 755, Asuncion, Paraguay
Project Architect: Aldo Cristaldo Kegler
Project Team: Pedro Cataldo, Beatriz Heyn, René Sosa, Jorge Ortiz, Olga Villagra, Alice Peralta, Constanza Olmedo, Nathaly Cáceres, Marcelo Jiménez
Text Description: © Courtesy of  BAUEN
Images: © Marcelo Jiménez, Mónica Matiauda

[highlight1]  Location Map  [/highlight1]

pixy Two Houses in Luque / BAUEN

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