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Viks Urban Bicycles – Custom handcrafted in Estonia.

Given single-speed cyclists’ pathological fixation with minimalism, Estonia’s Velonia – a boutique studio founded and manned by Indrek Narusk – has lopped off the seat tube right where it stood. The resulting bicycle, the Viks, is a noodly abstraction fashioned from just two steel tubes, joined at the head tube below the handlebar. An urban commuter bike with a striking design and uniquely shaped frame. Any size, any colour.

Viks-Urban-Bicycles-By-Velonia-Bicycles-01-Viks-GT-759x506 Viks Urban Bicycles / Velonia Bicycles

Viks GT – © Velonia Bicycles

The catalyst for the re-invention of the Estonian cycle industry re-creates the bicycle for the modern day commuter. Every Viks bicycle is crafted by hand to individual order. The ride is quite sporty, but comfortable; even though there is no seat tube, the frame is very rigid and does not flex. The 30mm handlebars feel good without the grips. Viks wasn’t created to be an attention seeker, but it still turns heads everywhere you go: being ridden or simply parked outside a cafe.

Viks-Urban-Bicycles-By-Velonia-Bicycles-03-Viks-GT-759x506 Viks Urban Bicycles / Velonia Bicycles

Viks GT – © Velonia Bicycles

In Estonian “viks” means classy, gentlemanlike, polite. At the same time it sounds “fixed”, like fixed gear… this was the initial idea – a fixed gear commuter. Today it’s a lot more than that – electronic shifting and belt drive are available among other features. VIKS has given us a impulse to go even more further – prototype of the II anniveloversary version of Viks, called Viks C, that is built to celebrate Viks bicycle second birthday and is made from carbon tubing.

Viks-Urban-Bicycles-By-Velonia-Bicycles-08-Viks-Carbon-759x506 Viks Urban Bicycles / Velonia Bicycles

Viks Carbon – © Velonia Bicycles

  • 100% handcrafted in Estonia: Viks frames are handcrafted in Estonia from start to finish using special stainless steel tubes, joints and laser cut parts. It takes about 60 separate steel pieces and two full working days to cut, bend, weld and sand one standard Viks frameset and one more day to sandblast and finish it all of with a nice and bright coat of paint.
Viks-Urban-Bicycles-By-Velonia-Bicycles-11-Viks-Raw-759x506 Viks Urban Bicycles / Velonia Bicycles

Viks Raw – © Velonia Bicycles

  • No seat tube: What make the Viks frame stand out even more, is the lack of the conventional seat tube. Thanks to the “double” frame there is no constructional need for it, allowing the design to stay airy, clean and simple. Despite the unique shape of the frame, the strength is there. In fact more than plenty. Thick tubes and strong welds keep Viks feeling stiff in all circumstances.
Viks-Urban-Bicycles-By-Velonia-Bicycles-20-Viks-Anniveloversary-759x506 Viks Urban Bicycles / Velonia Bicycles

Viks Anniveloversary – © Velonia Bicycles

  • One piece fork-bars: To follow the smooth curves of the frame the fork is also anything but conventional. One-piece double crown design fits perfectly with the rest of the frame. Here some of the adjustability has been compromised for keeping the design picture-perfect, but rest assured, thanks to the turning heads and constant glazes you get while on the bike, riding Viks is anything but conventional.
Viks-Urban-Bicycles-By-Velonia-Bicycles-24-759x506 Viks Urban Bicycles / Velonia Bicycles

© Velonia Bicycles

  • Double frame: Two identically shaped stainless steel tube frames run alongside the entire Viks motorcycle-like silhouette. The two sides are joined at the head tube, seat tube and bottom bracket complimenting the masculine look of the bicycle. Viks frames are 100% handcrafted in Estonia by qualified artisans in a small urban workshop.
Viks-Urban-Bicycles-By-Velonia-Bicycles-23-759x454 Viks Urban Bicycles / Velonia Bicycles

© Velonia Bicycles

“We encourage people to get involved in the process and work with us creating the most beautiful bike out there. You are welcome to express your own vision of what the bicycle should be. The café racer’s low handlebars, stainless steel frame and unlimited ways of customization, create multiple ways of making it even more unique and personal.

One thing is obvious – we do not want Viks to be a one hit wonder and disappear at the same pace we came onto the market. We’d like to see Viks to become one of the classic bikes that gains extra value with its years.” – Kristo Riimaa / co-owner of Velonia Bicycles

Viks-Urban-Bicycles-By-Velonia-Bicycles-27-759x506 Viks Urban Bicycles / Velonia Bicycles

© Velonia Bicycles

Viks is the perfect vehicle for the conscious big city commuter. It is not only beautiful, but practical. Viks is not for beating 100mph, as café racer motorbike will do, but it will take you anywhere you need with a very special flair.

Viks-Urban-Bicycles-By-Velonia-Bicycles-41-759x636 Viks Urban Bicycles / Velonia Bicycles

© Velonia Bicycles

Viks-Urban-Bicycles-By-Velonia-Bicycles-42-759x636 Viks Urban Bicycles / Velonia Bicycles

© Velonia Bicycles

Velonia Bicycles – Indrek Narusk:

Viks was born in a small cafe, on a late autumn afternoon in 2012 out of idea to have a bicycle which would be little bit different, not a boring one.

Viks-Urban-Bicycles-By-Velonia-Bicycles-57-759x759 Viks Urban Bicycles / Velonia Bicycles

© Velonia Bicycles

After long deliberation, the only option left was to build one. The images of café racer style motorcycles and minimalist classic lines started spinning in my head and soon there was a pretty clear vision what I wanted.

Viks-Urban-Bicycles-By-Velonia-Bicycles-58-759x505 Viks Urban Bicycles / Velonia Bicycles

© Velonia Bicycles

Some sketching, exhausting late nights spent on modeling in 3D, and I was ready to start the build. Steel tubes arrived, we began working and the bike started taking the shape. I was content.

Viks-Urban-Bicycles-By-Velonia-Bicycles-59-759x506 Viks Urban Bicycles / Velonia Bicycles

© Velonia Bicycles

The excitement started building up once we had a working prototype. After eager anticipation, the pinnacle came when I took it out for a ride first time! I wanted to share my delight. As it turned out, other people liked it as well. They liked it so much that now we are building Viks bicycles in house by hand to order in Estonia and shipping them all over the world.

Viks-Urban-Bicycles-By-Velonia-Bicycles-60-759x759 Viks Urban Bicycles / Velonia Bicycles

© Velonia Bicycles


Name: Viks
Type: Bicycle
Dimensions: made to order
Colors: made to order
Year: 2012-2016


  • 2015 & 2014 & 2013 – Designboom Awards – TOP 10 best bicycle design in
  • 2014 – BBC World Awards – Top 10 world’s most beautiful bicycle.
  • 2014 – Bruno Estonian Design Awards – Nominee

The people:

Product Designer: Velonia Bicycles – Estonia
Manufacturer: Self-production
Text Description: © Courtesy of Viks, Velonia Bicycles
Images: © Viks

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Viks Urban Bicycles / Velonia Bicycles
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