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Villa D

Villa D is situated south-east of Stockholm, high above street-level, on a rocky and steep site that overlooks a beautiful surrounding.Two main criteria were considered in the design phase – the client’s wish to access the highest point of the site, and an aim to limit the amount of blasted rock.

Villa-D-By-RB-Arkitektur-Photographs©-RB-Arkitektur-01-759x509 Villa D / RB Arkitektur

© RB Arkitektur

Villa-D-By-RB-Arkitektur-Photographs©-RB-Arkitektur-02-759x509 Villa D / RB Arkitektur

© RB Arkitektur

“We chose to design a simple geometry with the main volume that springs off the rock. This resulted in a long narrow rectangular shaped plan, integrated into the rock on one end, cantilevered with an inclined gable on the other, which gave the house a dramatic effect worthy the site. The grey tone of the wooden facade cladding has borrowed the colours of the surrounding nature. The living room is on the 2nd floor with access to a large private terrace.” – RB Arkitektur

Villa-D-By-RB-Arkitektur-Photographs©-RB-Arkitektur-08-759x509 Villa D / RB Arkitektur

© RB Arkitektur

Villa-D-By-RB-Arkitektur-Photographs©-RB-Arkitektur-10 Villa D / RB Arkitektur

© RB Arkitektur

Villa-D-By-RB-Arkitektur-Photographs©-RB-Arkitektur-09-759x509 Villa D / RB Arkitektur

© RB Arkitektur

In order to fulfill the client’s wish of accessing the highest point of the site, living room, dining and kitchen areas are placed on the first floor with access to large terraces, while bedrooms are on the ground floor. A skylight stands above the staircase making the access to the first floor bright and inviting.

Villa-D-By-RB-Arkitektur-Photographs©-RB-Arkitektur-07-759x509 Villa D / RB Arkitektur

© RB Arkitektur

While the building has a dramatic 2-story façade facing the street, its opposite face presents a discreet single story turned towards a dense forest.

Villa-D-By-RB-Arkitektur-Photographs©-RB-Arkitektur-03-759x509 Villa D / RB Arkitektur

© RB Arkitektur

Villa-D-By-RB-Arkitektur-Photographs©-RB-Arkitektur-04-759x509 Villa D / RB Arkitektur

© RB Arkitektur

The structure of the building is a combined timbre and steel construction with façades clad in wooden panels. The panels have been given a grey tone as a way of borrowing the colors of the surrounding nature.

Villa-D-By-RB-Arkitektur-Photographs©-RB-Arkitektur-05-759x509 Villa D / RB Arkitektur

© RB Arkitektur

Project Data:

Project name: Villa D
Location: Tyresö, Stockholm, Sweden
Coordinates: n/a

  • Type By Characteristic: Holiday House, Cabin / Hut / Cottage
  • Type By Site: Hill House
  • Type By Size: Small House – (51 sqm – 200 sqm)
  • Type By Materials: Wooden House

Site area: 1,900 sqm
Built-up area: 180 sqm
Completion Year: 2006

The people

Architects: RB Arkitektur (Belatchew Arkitekter) – Alsnögatan 12, 116 41 Stockholm, Sweden
Principal designer: Rahel Belatchew Lerdell
Design team: Björn Axelsson, Henrik Ingves
Text Description: © Courtesy of RB Arkitektur
Images: © RB Arkitektur

Location Map:

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Villa D / RB Arkitektur
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