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[highlight1]  Villa Solaire Restructuring  [/highlight1]


JKA Architecture + FUGA have redesigned a historical farmhouse. The project is located in Morzine, in the historic district of La Plagne Foot. It is a conversion of an old farmhouse villa rental luxury. The existing farmhouse dates from 1840 and is pelletized by the municipality as representing an ownership interest of traditional architecture.

To preserve the uniform appearance of the exterior cladding while filtering the light at the heart of the building, the project re-used, the whole of the front, the traditional technique of cutting decorative wooden slats. The design of the openwork siding meets the course shadows projected onto the facade, as an impression of the environment given receive from the inside.

Four opaque blocks, suites and de-pendencies, mark the house as mountains dotted the valley, and release a continuum of generous spaces, home activities shared by the inhabitants of the house.

The existing structure was the charm the farm of origin. To develop, he had to “compress” parts of program and “spread” of others. of strong contrasts of scale result.

  • Renovated rental villa volume has not changed, skin wrapped by a complete layer of spruce grille, grille cut by the traditional process , there is a beautiful pattern gap, these gap light into the building, and in the skin to form a moving shadow Variable oriented. Internal open space to accept a lot of sunlight, become a have continuity and legibility public space. Harmonious life and the environment, all four sides of the house as a sundial-like precision of reaction the movements of the sun, and therefore is referred to as the House of the sun.
  • The independent rental unit contains a sleeping area and supporting facilities, located in the Enron solid housing four corners. Housing central location is a series of different elevation continuous generous public space has a warm fire, people here do meals, dining, watching movies, talking to. Like a forest near mountain different levels within tolerance.
  • Separate sleeping unit and ancillary units compact layout and detail as well as the materials are also in contrast to the open public space.
JKA Architecture



A uniform cladding covers the whole farm. One of the challenges of the project is to retain its appearance, while filtering light in the heart of the building.

A device which uses the traditional technique of cutting decorative wooden slats, is implemented on the entire façade as openwork decking. Pattern, contemporary and simple, is consistent with the means for cutting strips of spruce local carpenter. This reminds openwork battens disjoint from traditional farm to ventilate once the hay.

Today, these slots carry the light to the interior of the building. The glass of the project, located inside the front naked, are partially hidden by the battens. They are not seen from the outside and do not interfere uniform cladding.

Throughout the year, the facades are swept shadows sections of roofs and surrounding buildings. The design of the openwork siding meets this path shadows: areas receiving greater cumulative sun are most pierced and give continuity to read the common areas of the house.

The concept of nesting inside – outside, evokes a lifestyle in harmony with its environment and gives the name of “Villa Solar” project: a house exposed on four sides whose perception is reminiscent of a sundial.



The idea is to move into this house four “blocks” stable as rocks, located at each corner of the building. These sets are independent suites with their sleeping areas and easements.

Between these four blocks, the remaining volume is occupied by a series of stepped floors at different levels in the frame. This continuum of generous spaces hosts activities shared by the inhabitants of the house: cook, share a meal, watch a movie, talk to the living room, warm around the fire…

These four blocks mark the house as mountains dotted the valley. In Haute Savoie, we instinctively rapprochement between the farms and mountains. Again, this symbolic link is marked: each “block” is identified in relief facing it, and the frame is similar to a wood relief lines which are closer to the floor plates.



The existing structure was the charm of the original farm. The conservation of its overall perception, one of the main challenges of the project led to its restoration, its recovery and conservation of the original ceiling after brushing and trimming.


To achieve this trick – made ​​possible primarily by the orientation of the program to use in large shared house rental had to “compress” parts of the program and “spread” to other . Strong contrasts of scale result. – See sections

Complex spaces and nested rooms, bathrooms and sleeping alcoves, thus releasing a “nave” unitary dizzying and legible. The logical complexity of nested spaces is accompanied by a reflection on processing details and materials.

[highlight1]  Project Data  [/highlight1]

Project name: Villa Solaire
Location: Morzine, Haute-Savoie, France
Coordinates: 46.195796, 6.684558
Program: Restructuring of a farm villa rental
Capacity: 16 persons
Type: Farm House, Renovation House, Traditional House, Villa, Country House, Wood House, House Interior
Gross floor area: 620 sqm
Design Year: 10/2009
Status: Built
Total cost: € 1,100,000
Completion Year: January 2012

[highlight1]  The people  [/highlight1]

Client / Owner / Developer: Private

  • JKA Architecture – 13, Rue Ganneron, 75018 Paris, France
  • FUGA – 48, RUE DE L’OURCQ, 75019 Paris, France

Project Team:

  • JKA – Jeremiah Koempgen Architecture
  • FUGA – J.Aich & M.Recordon

Project Economy: IMC ECO
Construction companies: Laperrousaz SARL (Frame) / Herve Fourcade SARL Company (Interior design) / Yves Gourvest SARL (masonry) / SAS Perracino Guy (millwork)
Electricity: Labévière
Text Description: © Courtesy of JKA Architecture
Images: © Julien Lanoo, JKA Architecture

[highlight1]  Location Map  [/highlight1]

pixy Villa Solaire Restructuring / JKA Architecture + FUGA

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