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Wahaca Cardiff – Mexican Restaurant

Mexican chain diner with a lively soundtrack for small plates of market-style food and cocktails. The interiors of Wahaca are inspired by the vibrant street markets, food and textures of Mexico. Utilising reclaimed materials in a contemporary and sustainable way, Softroom used pendants and a double height ‘light wall’ to link the multi-floor space, creating a striking presence within the mall setting of St David’s shopping centre in Cardiff.

Wahaca-Cardiff-By-Softroom-04-759x723 Wahaca Cardiff / Softroom

© Softroom

Wahaca-Cardiff-By-Softroom-05-759x506 Wahaca Cardiff / Softroom

© Softroom

Murals by Berlin-based art duo, 44 Flavours, cover and cross over a variety of the wall finishes and compliment the architectural features of the space, such as the mezzanine floor.

Wahaca-Cardiff-By-Softroom-06-759x506 Wahaca Cardiff / Softroom

© Softroom

Wahaca-Cardiff-By-Softroom-07-759x506 Wahaca Cardiff / Softroom

© Softroom

The decor, too, is similarly industrial – exposed wiring, bare metal, scaffold railings, exposed brickwork and bare tiled flooring are all in evidence, although some endearing murals lend a softening touch, and the place is bright and spacious.

Wahaca-Cardiff-By-Softroom-09-800x1200 Wahaca Cardiff / Softroom

© Softroom

Wahaca-Cardiff-By-Softroom-12-759x506 Wahaca Cardiff / Softroom

© Softroom

“we predominately used Booo soft rubber pendants supplied with a 2700k 650k lumen LED, fitted with custom yellow and orange flexes. Fulfilling multiple objectives, these pendants create a warm tone while transforming the large volume into a more intimate space. The Booos work in conjunction with colour changing discs, which subtly and gradually add variation to the restaurant. Both relaxing and uplifting, these changes in atmosphere are designed to be felt but not seen. These pendants and cables are then arranged with consideration given to the different levels, designed to appear more intense and immersive at a higher level.” – Lighting Scheme / Kate and Sam

Wahaca-Cardiff-By-Softroom-14-759x569 Wahaca Cardiff / Softroom

© Softroom

Wahaca-Cardiff-By-Softroom-18-759x571 Wahaca Cardiff / Softroom

© Softroom

Wahaca-Cardiff-By-Softroom-20-759x569 Wahaca Cardiff / Softroom

© Softroom


Our first restaurant in Wales serves up the Tidiest Tacos on the Taff. Drop in for a taste of Mexican Market Eating in the heart of Cardiff, or a drink in our upstairs cocktail bar where we’ll be shaking fresh blends with a Modern Mexican twist.

Wahaca-Cardiff-By-Softroom-25-759x506 Wahaca Cardiff / Softroom

© Softroom

Wahaca-Cardiff-By-Softroom-26-759x569 Wahaca Cardiff / Softroom

© Softroom

Project Data:

Project name: Wahaca Cardiff
Location: 51-53 The Hayes, CF102ER Cardiff, United Kingdom
Coordinates: 51.478178, -3.175028
Type: Lounge / Bar / Restaurant / Night Clubs
Status: Built
Completion Year: 2014
Visit Wahaca Cardiff’s website: here


  • 2015 – Restaurant and Bar Design Awards – Category: UK > Multiple Restaurant – Winner

The people:

Client / Owner / Developer: Wahaca
Interior Designer: Softroom – 3 Murphy Street, SE1 7FP London, United Kingdom
Lighting Design: Kate and Sam Lighting Design
Text Description: © Courtesy of Softroom, Restaurant and Bar Design Awards
Images: © Softroom

Location Map:

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Wahaca Cardiff / Softroom
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