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Watercolors & Pencils Artwork

Young girl Callie Fink is an amazingly skilled and talented artist who can do just about anything and everything. From the more traditional style of drawing accurate portraits to painting vast landscapes. Callie completes each with absolute perfection and detail. Artwork by Callie Fink – 18 years old and located in sunny Tustin, California – Psychedelic, imaginative, and always inspired. Art is everywhere around us, with us, and inside us.

Watercolors-Pencils-Artwork-By-Callie-Fink-01 Watercolors & Pencils Artwork / Callie Fink

© Callie Fink

Watercolors-Pencils-Artwork-By-Callie-Fink-Black-n-White Watercolors & Pencils Artwork / Callie Fink

Black ‘n White – © Callie Fink

Callie Fink has been drawing since she was three years old. She is very passionate about her art which is inspired from combining elements of real life with urban and pop art. Callie’s art has been recognized for her pencil portraits of the human figure, faces, and the eyes with attention to contrast, color and intense detail. She enjoys blending fantasy and representational form in various media using color, shape, and texture to capture the viewer’s attention.

Watercolors-Pencils-Artwork-By-Callie-Fink-Amalgamation-759x561 Watercolors & Pencils Artwork / Callie Fink

Amalgamation – © Callie Fink

Watercolors-Pencils-Artwork-By-Callie-Fink-Cerebral-Dysfunction-759x954 Watercolors & Pencils Artwork / Callie Fink

Cerebral Dysfunction – © Callie Fink

Callie did not begin taking art classes at Foothill until her sophomore year. During registration for Beginning Art class, she showed her portfolio to Mr. Gillette who immediately enrolled her into Advanced Art. Searching through on-line websites which recognize outstanding art, her art was published in a book entitled “Amazing Pencil Portraits 3.”

Watercolors-Pencils-Artwork-By-Callie-Fink-eaten-alive-on-the-inside Watercolors & Pencils Artwork / Callie Fink

eaten alive on the inside – © Callie Fink

Watercolors-Pencils-Artwork-By-Callie-Fink-i-dont-like-to-share-759x949 Watercolors & Pencils Artwork / Callie Fink

i don’t like to share – © Callie Fink

Her art has received an “Excellence in Art Award” in her junior and senior year. At the 2011 TACFA Student Art Invitational, Callie won “Best of Show” for her pencil portraiture. She has been accepted to Cal State Long Beach where she plans to major in illustration. She hopes to work in video game design as a concept artist as well as produce her own independent work for galleries.

Watercolors-Pencils-Artwork-By-Callie-Fink-Flux Watercolors & Pencils Artwork / Callie Fink

Flux – © Callie Fink

Watercolors-Pencils-Artwork-By-Callie-Fink-Smoke-and-mirrors-759x948 Watercolors & Pencils Artwork / Callie Fink

Smoke and mirrors – © Callie Fink

Callie Fink:

I am 18 years old, and I attend Irvine Valley College. I have been drawing since I was 3, and am completely self-taught. I want to convey my imagination on canvas, and I enjoy working with mixed media, watercolor, and graphite. I believe that art is an experience of the mind in accordance with the world around you; it is the most serene poetry in visual form.

Watercolors-Pencils-Artwork-By-Callie-Fink-Twisted-Elegance-759x996 Watercolors & Pencils Artwork / Callie Fink

Twisted Elegance – © Callie Fink

Watercolors-Pencils-Artwork-By-Callie-Fink-Two-Good-Friends-759x701 Watercolors & Pencils Artwork / Callie Fink

Two Good Friends – © Callie Fink

“I love traditional art, and I specialize in pencils and watercolors. Art brings my dreams to life, and I am passionate about what I do.”

Watercolors-Pencils-Artwork-By-Callie-Fink Watercolors & Pencils Artwork / Callie Fink

© Callie Fink


Name: Watercolors & Pencils Artwork
Type: Drawing, Painting
Dimensions: varies
Theme Colour: Black and White, vivid colours
Year: Varies
Technique: watercolor on paper, Mixed Media, Pencil drawing

The people:

Artist: Callie Fink – Tustin, California, United States
Text Description: © Courtesy of Callie Fink
Images: © Callie Fink

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Watercolors & Pencils Artwork / Callie Fink
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