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Weekend House

At the beginning of the draft weekend house were two requirements of the investor – have a “cottage somewhere in beautiful surroundings” (preferably somewhere in the mountains in central Slovakia) and “should be one log house – cottage”.

Weekend-House-By-Pokorny-Architekti-02-800x1200 Weekend House / Pokorny Architekti

© Dano Veselsky

As the investor, the office during the week staying in Bratislava and the media has Puchov house with large land, we have proposed the possibility to build a weekend house “home”.

Weekend-House-By-Pokorny-Architekti-01-759x506 Weekend House / Pokorny Architekti

© Dano Veselsky

The family of the investor will not have a weekend rush hour and move anywhere they can go to the cottage after the arrival of work “in slippers.” With this design “wooden houses”  it was difficult, but ultimately architectural concept together with the wooden structure in the overall action of the wooden interior convince investors that “timber” can have multiple (and present) form.

Weekend-House-By-Pokorny-Architekti-10-759x506 Weekend House / Pokorny Architekti

© Dano Veselsky

Weekend-House-By-Pokorny-Architekti-08-800x1200 Weekend House / Pokorny Architekti

© Dano Veselsky

The house offers on the ground floor entrance patch (covered patio) with outdoor grill, wellness area (with sauna and hottub), living area, dining room and 2 bedrooms upstairs.

Weekend-House-By-Pokorny-Architekti-06-759x506 Weekend House / Pokorny Architekti

© Dano Veselsky

Weekend-House-By-Pokorny-Architekti-05-759x500 Weekend House / Pokorny Architekti

© Dano Veselsky

Dom is implemented in low-energy standard, the main source of heat are ceramic tiles with the additional possibility of electrical heating.

Weekend-House-By-Pokorny-Architekti-04-759x506 Weekend House / Pokorny Architekti

© Dano Veselsky

Project Data:

Project name: Weekend House (low-energy standard)
Location: Nosice, Slovakia
Coordinates: 49.128730, 18.347610

  • Type By Characteristic: Green & Sustainable House, Holiday House
  • Type By Site: Countryside / Suburb House
  • Type By Size: Small House – (51 sqm – 200 sqm)
  • Type By Materials: Wooden House

Footprint area: 130 sqm
Construction Year: 2010
Completion Year: 2011

The people:

Client / Owner / Developer: Private
Architects: Pokorny Architekti – Rostovská 26 SK – 831 06, Bratislava, Slovakia
Cooperation: Šmilňáková Mary, Martin abundance
Interior Designer: Paul Pokorny, Mary Šmilňáková
HIP: John Lukac, John Rendoš, B52 studio Ltd.
Implementation: Bau3mex and Ford Ltd.
Text Description: © Courtesy of Pokorny Architekti
Images: © Dano Veselsky

Location Map:

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Weekend House / Pokorny Architekti
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