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Women Gallery Artwork

Naja Conrad-Hansen, aka “Meannorth”, Her works have been included in a wide variety of fashion/graphic magazines and books. She also designs prints and pattern designs for different clothing labels including limited edition prints for her own brand Meannorth.

Women-Gallery-Artwork-By-Naja-Conrad-Hansen-Black-White-NA_UND-759x607 Women Gallery Artwork / Naja Conrad-Hansen

Black & White NA_UND – © Naja Conrad-Hansen

In one of her illustrations, Conrad depicts an attractive, fashionable girl with an elongated body, nice features and funky styling. A strange, little monkey rests on her back and its speech bubble allows further introspection: ‘I see something that you don’t see’. It becomes clear that there is more to a girl than perfect looks and a sexy appearance. Sadly, this is too often forgotten in our glossy world. “Women have so many facets: beauty, intelligence, determination, as well as strengths”, says Conrad, which is probably why she has chosen them to be her favorite subjects.

Women-Gallery-Artwork-By-Naja-Conrad-Hansen-fashion-fiction-dsb_-759x426 Women Gallery Artwork / Naja Conrad-Hansen

fashion fiction dsb_ – © Naja Conrad-Hansen

She draws her inspiration from hard-core music, fashion and by keeping in touch with the world around her. “I lived in Berlin for a while. “In those days, I was part of the hard-core music scene and experimented with drugs,” she recalls. These ‘wild’ times might be over, but her passion for music has stayed. “It’s excellent energy for work”, she says and, “helps me indulge in my obsession with spaces between lines and curves”.

Women-Gallery-Artwork-By-Naja-Conrad-Hansen-fashion-fiction-rock_ME_AMADEUS1-759x538 Women Gallery Artwork / Naja Conrad-Hansen

fashion fiction rock_ME_AMADEUS1 – © Naja Conrad-Hansen

“My mother is an artist and I grew up with the smell of turpentine and paint. I have always been creative, but when my daughter Jazz was born, I finally decided to get some formal education”. Despite Conrad’s aversion to schooling, she successfully obtained various degrees from “Copenhagen Art School” and “Denmark Design School”. “It’s just easier to get jobs with a piece of paper in your hands”, she admits. Since the start of Conrad’s professional career, she has splashed her signature style all over the place. “It’s great to do a mix of different things. At least, it never gets boring”, she says with a sparkle in her eyes. The list of job references is rather long: Conrad has worked on numerous projects, ranging from the clothing line “Max Mara” to the solid perfume “Filth”, as well as an award winning children’s book. Her graphics, illustrations and paintings have been shown at exhibitions in China as well as the U.S., and she has successfully up-graded many fashion and lifestyle magazines with her unique technique. However, there is still more to come. She has a lot to give.

Women-Gallery-Artwork-By-Naja-Conrad-Hansen-fashion-fiction-rock_ME_AMADEUS3-759x538 Women Gallery Artwork / Naja Conrad-Hansen

fashion fiction rock_ME_AMADEUS3 – © Naja Conrad-Hansen

  • NAJA is well known and loved for her energetic, tough, colourful and yet very delicate illustrations. The ambitious illustrator was recently named as one of the best illustrators in Europe, by FREISTIL.
  • The eclectic Danish artist and designer “Meannorth” transports her signature style on T-shirts made by “advanced minority
Women-Gallery-Artwork-By-Naja-Conrad-Hansen-Illustration-ANTIMAGAZINE-759x554 Women Gallery Artwork / Naja Conrad-Hansen

Illustration ANTIMAGAZINE – © Naja Conrad-Hansen

About: Naja Conrad-Hansen/Meannorth

Naja Conrad-Hansen is a designer and artist who lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. She was born in Copenhagen to a Finnish mother and Danish father, and has lived everywhere from Finland to Greece, Egypt and Germany. Coming from an artistic family, it was natural for her to choose an artistic path.

Women-Gallery-Artwork-By-Naja-Conrad-Hansen-Illustration-avantgarde_berlin_4-759x398 Women Gallery Artwork / Naja Conrad-Hansen

Illustration avantgarde_berlin_4 – © Naja Conrad-Hansen

Graduating from Danmarks Design School in 2003 with a MA in Visual communication and a background in fine art; she started her profession as a freelance designer and artist in 2003. Her practice embraces illustration, painting, graphic design, art direction, and making silk-screen prints.

Women-Gallery-Artwork-By-Naja-Conrad-Hansen-paintings-clon_3_4-759x590 Women Gallery Artwork / Naja Conrad-Hansen

paintings clon_3_4 – © Naja Conrad-Hansen

Inspirations comes equally from the worlds of fashion, hardcore music, and traditional art and design and in general observing the world around her. The illustration style is basically about “finding some untouched areas of the mind and stimulating the eye and imagination. She is balancing her time between making art and commercial work as she finds they feed each other.

Women-Gallery-Artwork-By-Naja-Conrad-Hansen-paintings-SHYY-759x536 Women Gallery Artwork / Naja Conrad-Hansen

paintings SHYY – © Naja Conrad-Hansen

Naja Conrad-Hansen has worked on projects ranging from Max Mara to Fiorucci, as well as an award-winning children book. Her works have been included in over 30 books and a wide variety of fashion/graphic magazines. She also designs print and pattern design for different clothing labels including limited edition print for her own brand Meannorth.

Women-Gallery-Artwork-By-Naja-Conrad-Hansen-paintings-VOGUE-759x526 Women Gallery Artwork / Naja Conrad-Hansen

paintings VOGUE – © Naja Conrad-Hansen

She was nominated and selected for ” 200 best illustrators worldwide” 2007/2008 and 2009/20010, by Lürzer’s Archive and again she has been nominated and selected for “200 best illustrators worldwide” 2011/2012

Women-Gallery-Artwork-By-Naja-Conrad-Hansen-Photo-Collage-fiorucci1-759x542 Women Gallery Artwork / Naja Conrad-Hansen

Photo Collage fiorucci1 – © Naja Conrad-Hansen


Name: Women Gallery Artwork
Type: Illustration, Character Design
Theme Colour: Black and White, soft colours
Year: Varies
Technique: ink on paper, draws fashionable girl with an elongated body, Giclée digital print with archival pigment ink.

The people:

Artist: Naja Conrad-Hansen – Copenhagen, Denmark
Text Description: © Courtesy of Naja Conrad-Hansen, advancedminority
Images: © Naja Conrad-Hansen

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Women Gallery Artwork / Naja Conrad-Hansen
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