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[highlight1]  Yahoo! 2012 Olympic Games Coverage – Themed Illustrations  [/highlight1]

Graphics for Yahoo advertising campaign for the coverage of London 2012 Olympiad by Athens, Greece-based visual designer Charis Tsevis, The work created is just drool-worthy, full of colors and positive energy. Tsevis made three images for three different sports (diving, gymnastics and running) with an extra image for running to represent celebration and victory.

Charis Tsevis

The Yahoo! team asked me to create 6 illustrations for their campaign. 3 pairs of images for 3 different sports (diving, gymnastics and running). We have developed 4 images for running because we wanted to represent celebration and victory too.

“The Once-In-A-Lifetime moments that happen every four years.” This is how Yahoo! describe the experience of the Olympics in their current advertising campaign. I couldn’t agree more.

I remember watching the Olympiads since I was a kid. Moments full of emotions, people who stand higher than all of us, colorful pieces of a united world.

I also recall discovering Yahoo! since cyberspace is a great interest of mine. Pages full of excitement, people and groups for all my interests, links to a colorful world.

So this is a series of illustrations, created with the wonderful people of Yahoo!, and their advertising campaign for the coverage of the Games.

[highlight1]  Data  [/highlight1]

Name: Yahoo! 2012 Olympic Games Coverage
Type: Advertising, Visual Arts, Graphic Design, Illustration
Dimensions: Varies
Year: 2012
Technique: Themed Illustrations

[highlight1]  The people  [/highlight1]

Client / Owner / Developer: Yahoo! Internal Creative Department
Artist: Charis Tsevis, Athens, Greece
Creative Director: Jared Kozel
Executive Producer: Jamie Ybarra
Software: Synthetik Studio Artist and the Adobe Creative Suite
Text Description: © Courtesy of Jonathan Brand
Images: © Charis Tsevis

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