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© Turenscape

Yanweizhou Park in Jinhua City / Turenscape

Designed by Chinese landscape firm Turenscape, Located in center of Jinhua City, Yanweizhou Park sites at the mouth of three over 100 meter wide rivers. This 64 acre (26ha) natural wetland had remained undeveloped due to its inaccessibility until it became the center for cultural activities featuring a concert hall and green spaces. The problem though was that these spaces were underutilized due to lack of accessibility. In addition, a large 50 acre (20 ha) wetland was damaged by sand quarrying, disturbing natural habitat for native birds...

ULM collection / Ramón Esteve for VONDOM

ULM collection by Ramón Esteve, A collection that strikes a perfect balance between design, technology, and ergonomics based on basic cube, prism, and spherical shapes. Much like the name Ulm, its soft forms are a tribute to the formal approach of the Ulm School. The ability to illuminate each piece can envelope any space in color, providing innovative technology that makes it unique...
© Tentsile

Tree Tents / Tentsile

Tree Tents by Tentsile is a suspended tent, taking inspiration from the natural world by mimicking a spider's web. Made from 3 weights of rip-stop nylon sheet fabrics, tentsile utilises the material’s integral strengths for different sections of the tent body. tentsile offers comfortable sheltered accommodation in any environment and is the world's first suspended tent designed for use anywhere, by anyone...
achille - © +Brauer

Recycled Robots Sculptures / +Brauer

Bruno Lefevre-Brauer, known as +Brauer. He takes old mechanical parts and up-cycles them into retro-futuristic luminous robots. Inspired by his love for Japanese robots and taking a poetic stance against overconsumption, each component of his sculptures has an industrial past. Each completed robot is a unique piece with its own tailor-made lighting design. At night, it is the turn of the poetic, evocative light fittings to reveal their magic...
© Manshausen Island Resort

Manshausen Island Resort for Polar Explorer Børge Ousland / Stinessen Arkitektur

Manshausen Island Resort, designed by Stinessen Arkitektur, is situated on the Steigen Archipelago off the coast of Northern Norway. Positioned between dramatic mountains and the Barents Sea, the resort layout reacts to the Island´s topography. Each cabin is placed on top of stone quays, partially cantilevered above the sea,...
© Casey Dunn

The Dixon Water Foundation Josey Pavilion / Lake Flato Architects

Lake Flato architects of San Antonio designed the facility to meet the Living Building Challenge, the most rigorous international green-building certification. The stringent Living Building Challenge requirements for Net Zero Water and Ecological Water Flow are met by treating wastewater onsite to reuse for irrigation and employing a water feature to reduce peak flows while creating an aesthetic amenity...
© Andrew Fox

For all time artwork in the Swan Wing at the Royal Shakespeare Company / Steven Follen

Artist and designer Steven Follen ’s For All Time be located in the refurbished Swan Wing. Steven’s artwork is a three metre-tall, three-dimensional presentation of a human face, made from 2,000 hand-folded stainless steel stars. It will be revealed to the public on 23 April, as part of the 400th anniversary commemorations of Shakespeare’s death...
© Dave Wheeler

Beccafico Bar & Trattoria / Matt Woods Design

Conceptualised by Matt Woods Design, Beccafico Bar & Trattoria is Sydney’s newest and most relaxing new hotspot and a modern Italian restaurant that draws influence from beach side architecture and classic Scandinavian design. With a name inspired by the fig-eating songbird, the Beccafico Bar & Trattoria is more than just an Italian restaurant – it’s a place.
© Axo Light

Mountain View / Dima Loginoff for Axo Light

Mountain View, designed by Russian designer Dima Loginoff for Axo Light, is not just a light but rather a true work of art: inspired by nature, Mountain View is a captivating interior design item. Intended as a suspension lamp, Mountain View is a single piece of blown glass...