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© Kielder Observatory

Kielder Observatory / Charles Barclay Architects

Kielder Observatory was created by Charles Barclay Architects with the ambition to provide a dramatic yet sympathetic base for astronomers on the high fells overlooking Kielder Water & Forest Park. The structure resembles both a pier and a ship and is constructed mostly from timber...
© Proctor and Matthews Architects

Horsted Park Housing Development / Proctor and Matthews Architects

Horsted Park, designed on behalf of developer Countryside Properties by Proctor and Matthews Architects is a mixed-use, mixed tenure scheme located next to Horsted Way and Fort Horsted (a Nineteenth Century military defense and Scheduled Ancient Monument), Chatham, Medway. Comprising 337 residential units alongside commercial space, the development will create a sustainable environment over 20 acres of land...
© Iwan Baan

The Interlace / OMA + Ole Scheeren

Designed by Ole Scheeren, Partner of the Office Metropolitan of Architecture (OMA), the condominium comprises a range of 2, 3 and 4-bedroom apartments, penthouses and duplex garden units. Thirty-one apartment blocks, each six-stories tall, are stacked in a hexagonal arrangement to form eight large scale courtyards. The interlocking blocks resemble a “vertical village” with cascading sky gardens and both private and public roof terraces...
© Schneider + Schumacher

Autobahn Church Siegerland / Schneider + Schumacher

Autobahn Church Siegerland by Schneider + Schumacher, The bright white, polygonal façade of the Siegerland Motorway Church catches the eye even from afar. A pictorial wooden structure, it defies the noisy surroundings of hotel, fast food restaurant and petrol station. Its interior welcomes visitors with a quiet room combining artificial light with daylight to create a warm and contemplative atmosphere...
© Herzog & de Meuron

Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2012 / Herzog & de Meuron and Ai Weiwei

The Serpentine Gallery’s 2012 pavilion designed by Herzog & de Meuron and dissident Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has been unveiled in London last year. The much-anticipated ‘pop-up’ structure takes visitors beneath the gallery’s lawn to explore the subterranean remains of past pavilion’s foundations...
© Christian Richters

Guangzhou International Finance Centre / Wilkinson Eyre Architects

This 440m tower by Wilkinson Eyre in Guangzhou is one of China’s tallest buildings. With 103 storeys, the 247,000sqm tower has a mixture of uses including office space, a luxury hotel and a top floor sightseeing area. At ground level, the tower will connect with a substantial podium complex containing a retail mall, conference centre and high quality serviced apartments...
© O'Neill Rose Architects

Choy House / O’Neill Rose Architects

O’Neill Rose Architects, Brooklyn architecture studio was asked to design the house for a builder and his extended family On a charming street in Flushing, Queens, New York, A dream home for the architects’ client, his wife and their two small children, his younger brother and his wife, and their mother...
© Zaha Hadid Architects

Capital Hill Residence / Zaha Hadid for Naomi Campbell

Russian billionaire Vladislav Doronin has commissioned Zaha Hadid to design a house in Moscow, Russia for his supposed supermodel girlfriend Naomi Campbell. This building pulled out of a Sci-Fi movie, surrounded by pine and birch trees high providing a bit of privacy. Located on the north-face hillside in Barvikha where pine and birch trees grow up to 20 metres high, a villa with fluid geometries emerges from the landscape. Its programme is divided into two components: one merging with the hillside, another floating above the ground with dynamic views overlooking the forest...
© Albert Lim

Laemsingh Villas / Bedmar & Shi

Laemsingh Villas by Bedmar & Shi, These five magnificent homes enjoy an exquisite hill-side location affording ocean panoramas from north to south and mesmerising views. A gated community of the most exclusive villas in Phuket, Thailand...
© Fernando Guerra | FG+SG

Txai House / Studio MK27

Txai House from Studio MK27 is a masterful example of fine architectural modernism, bringing a whole new meaning to the requisite; a room with a view. Situated a mere 13 metres above sea level, Overseeing the exquisite landscape of Itacaré, Brazil, the 7,000 square foot house offers an entirely unique experience, integrating the natural habitat of the great outdoors with spectacularly modern interior design...
© Peter Bennetts

K House / ARM – Ashton Raggatt McDougall

Beginning with the letter ‘K’ was not entirely arbitrary as our client’s family name begins with the letter, and we had tried exploring writing and letters before, and also the space between letters as negative objects...
© Adrià Goula

The Urban Refuge / Sergi Pons Architecte

This project sets out to alter and improve an apartment situated facing away from the road in a 1980’s building on carrer Casanova, on the left side of the Eixample.in Barcelona...
© Kengo Kuma

Starbucks Coffee / Kengo Kuma

Kengo Kuma has completed what is probably the world’s most idiosyncratic Starbucks Coffee in Tokyo. Kuma used 6cm square blocks, which he suspend while giving them a functional role as part of the ceiling support. The blocks intersect obliquely, suggesting branches in a forest. The architect wanted to suggest that Starbucks is nestling in a tree...
©  Jeroen Musch

The Caland Lyceum Interior / i29 interior architects

The Caland Lyceum in Amsterdam Osdorp is a state school with more than 1500 students from a wide mix of cultures.It is a so-called LOOT school with special coaching for top sporters. The designers of i29 used this as the inspiration for the interior design...
© Jean Verville Architecte

Colors Prismatic Loft / Jean Verville Architecte

Montreal based architect Jean Verville Architecte has developed ' Prismatic Colours ', a loft in downtown Montreal that houses works of contemporary art and design, an homage to the architectural creativity. The architect has designed this unusual procedure that, despite the bright colors of the surfaces, sometimes offers calm and tranquility through the use of black...
© Andrea Resmini

The Toledo Metro Art Station / Oscar Tusquets Blanca

The project of the Catalan architect Oscar Tusquets Blanca also affected the area above, transformed into pedestrian zone and upgraded aesthetically. The communication between internal and external space is entrusted to the skylight-structures-that, from the street, carry the sunlight in the rooms below...
© Adrià Goula

Villa Extramuros / Vora Arquitectura

The Villa Extramuros was built in Arraiolos, a small city north of Evora, the Capital of Alentejo, the largest province of Portugal well known for its unspoiled beautiful nature, historical treasures and quiet lifestyle. Villa Extramuros fell in love with this region and wanted to share passion with visitors. Villa Extramuros welcome you in a very contemporary villa, decorated with furniture and art from the 1950’s until today, and with a parisian twist...
© Indigo Pearl Phuket

Indigo Pearl Phuket Boutique Hotel / Bensley Design Studios

Luxury design hotel Indigo Pearl Phuket is located in a quiet cove on Nai Yang Phuket, Thailand. It was opened in 2007, and in 2011-2012, underwent a partial reconstruction. Surrounded by tropical gardens and a national park. In his intriguing design embodies a unique combination of postmodern art and reflects the history of Phuket...
© PLaT Architects

Xiangshawan Desert Lotus Hotel / PLaT Architects

Prefabricated Xiangshawan Desert Lotus Hotel by PLaT Architects, located in Xiangshawan Desert, in the middle of Ordos and Baotou 800 kilometers west to Beijing. Lotus Hotel is comprised of a series of prefabricated steel elements that are fixed in the fluid sands, which provide a kind of stabilizing element...
© American Trade Hotel

American Trade Hotel Panama City / Atelier Ace + Commune Design

The 50 rooms American Trade Hotel and Hall is the result of a joint undertaking between Panama City-based Conservatorio, Hache Uve and Commune Design and Atelier Ace, the creative team behind Ace Hotel, and the first full service hotel to open in Casco Viejo. Built in 1917, the building was designed by Leonardo Villanueva Meyer, the most prominent twentieth century architect in Panama City...
© Isa Stein Studio

Bründl Spa Hotel / Isa Stein Studio + TEAM M Architects

The building develops its form from the specific site. We gave the project the name "three-dimensional earth-line".The building has two axis, which bend and rotate along the vertical 0-line. All 88 rooms are in the two axis, which are connected through a 3 story high hall...
© Moon Hoon

Rock It Suda / Moon Hoon

Korean architect gave birth to Rock It Suda, a guesthouse with six bedrooms, each characterized by a specific theme: From Barbie to Ferrari, from Spain to the caves to finish with traditional Korean style. The six different ways to capture the landscape inspired Moon, who decided to give birth to the Same Spatial Concentration of Expansion and Compression reasoning on issues completely dissociated from the context such as Spain, Barbie, Stealth, Ferrari, Caves and Traditional Korean Style...
© Studio Lawrence

Raising Lanterns / Studio Lawrence

The sculptural Raising Lantern by Studio Lawrence designers Bart Eijking and Patrick de Louwere has been nominated for an Interior Design Best Of Year Award...

PASHA 660 / Claudio Dondoli & Marco Pocci for PEDRALI

Pasha armchair is the perfect synthesis of tradition and innovation. It is suitable for hotel, restaurant and outdoor areas as well. In polycarbonate, glossy finish. Available colours: white, black, fumè and transparent...
© Rob Lewis

The Living Cube – Multi functional Furniture / illdesigns

The Living Cube is modular, multi-functional furniture for minimalist living. Built in Switzerland and North Carolina, The Living Cube help people maximize their space, large or small, by providing 8-10 different pieces of furniture in one very small footprint...
© Palette Industries

Dharma Lounge / Palette Industries

The Dharma Lounge has come to fruition through the exploration of using text as both structure and decoration. The purpose of this chair is to create a situation where the participant is embraced by the possibilities of creating a relationship...
© Feld

Piano Clothing Rack / Patrick Seha for Feld

Piano by Patrick Seha is a Multi-purpose hanger panel with folding hooks. It is a multi-purpose hanger panel that features hooks that fold out as required. Made from wood. Allows you to save some space in the hallway or wherever the hanger is placed...
© Team Tokushima

UZU Side Table / Team Tokushima

This table is imprinted in the center with the designer's unique spiral pattern.The tables come in a wide range of 16 sizes and can satisfy a variety of different lifestyles...

Carton lamp / INSIDE

A versatile and origami light suspended in space. The innovative and original use of cardboard, creating an art object and unusual, irregular and broken lines where the union of several elements creates unstructured volumes, suitable for illuminating and enhancing large environments...
© Passion 4 Wood

Tulip lamp / Passion 4 Wood

The "leaves" of this Tulip are made of 2 layers of veneer and bent so as to obtain this natural form...
© Ken Jiang, Studio 505 & BAM

The Droplet Chandelier Installation / Studio 505 + BAM

A 7 meter long chandelier made from steel and acrylic hangs in the focal space of Wujin's Planning Exhibition Center. Located within the interior of the Lotus Conference Centre in Wujin China, the chandelier is being designed and built in collaboration between Studio 505 + BAM (Ballistic Architecture Machine)...

Recent Posts:

© Mihály Demeczky

Pinsofa 1 / Planbureau

The Pinsofa by Demeter Fogarasi, the playful piece of furniture refers to one’s inner childlike qualities through the manipulation of scale. the work is based on the idea that enlarged objects have the ability to generate the feeling of being small, to re-imagine the world from a different perspective...
group - © Bethan Gray

Band Collection / Bethan Gray

Bethan Gray has been inspired by pairing the natural beauty of coloured marble together with warm brushed brass to create her Band range of tables. For this range, solid marble is encased in a warm and elegant metallic rim to bring a distinctive, contemporary aesthetic to such a timeless material...
© Maarten Willemstein

Bar Botanique Cafe Tropique / Studio Modijefsky

A tropical addition to the restaurant scene in Amsterdam East, Bar Botanique, designed by Studio Modijefsky, brings a fresh and green interior to the former local Dutch café, De Ponteneur. Located adjacent to the multicultural Javastraat, Bar Botanique Café Tropique is the place to be from early mornings to late in the evening...
© Adrian Taylor

Drapers Field / Kinnear Landscape Architects

The park at Drapers Field, Leyton, serves the Olympic Village projects. Formerly a service facility for the 2012 Olympics, Drapers Field was redesigned by Kinnear Landscape Architects (KLA) as a vibrant community space, improving sport and play provision and encouraging more children into activity both play and sport...
Beartooth Portal by Ensamble Studio - © Iwan Baan

Tippet Rise Art Center / Cathy and Peter Halstead

Transformative connections between music, art, and nature by Cathy and Peter Halstead, set on an 11,500-acre working ranch in the shadow of the Beartooth mountains, just north of Yellowstone in Fishtail, Montana. Tippet Rise is anchored in the belief that art, music, architecture and nature are inextricably linked in the human experience...
© Martin Argyroglo

Elizabethan Theatre, Chateau d’Hardelot / Studio Andrew Todd

This scheme for a 400-seat Elizabethan theatre will be built by mid-2015 for the Department du Pas de Calais and the Centre Culturel de l'Entente Cordial at the Chateau d'Hardelot on the Cote d'Opale south of Calais. The building is made almost entirely of wood (except the basement level),...
© O'Neill Rose Architects

Choy House / O’Neill Rose Architects

O’Neill Rose Architects, Brooklyn architecture studio was asked to design the house for a builder and his extended family On a charming street in Flushing, Queens, New York, A dream home for the architects’ client, his wife and their two small children, his younger brother and his wife, and their mother...
© NEO design studios

Organic Pendent light / NEO design studios

The marriage between cork and ceramic. ORGANIC is the fusion between two organic materials in a unique composition. The dramatic draped cork leather over a glazed ceramic shell gives this lighting an extraordinary expression and movement...
© Dianna Snape

Green Ladder Fugitive Structures 2016 / Vo Trong Nghia Architects

The fourth iteration of The Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation (SCAF) annual pavilion series Fugitive Structures. Designed by Vo Trong Nghia Architects, An innovative bamboo “green steel” structure designed by cutting-edge architect Vo Trong Nghia will be installed across two cities and two sites. The pavilion features a grid-like construction with a clear ceiling that creates a shelter from the elements while allowing visitors to view the sky...
© Studio Tom Emerson

Pavilion of Reflections for Manifesta 11 / Studio Tom Emerson

This summer 2016, Zurich will host the eleventh edition of Manifesta, one of the world’s most important biennials for contemporary art. The event’s central presentation platform will be set up on Lake Zurich, near Bellevue – the Pavillon of Reflections, a floating island with an open-air cinema and integrated swimming pool, which will constitute a new temporary landmark in the city...
© Micaella Pedros

Joining Bottles / Micaella Pedros

Micaella Pedros run a stool showcasing an experimental joining technique with plastic bottles. The ambition of the project is to give an opportunity to participants to engage in the making of their own furniture through a recycling and meaningful process...
© Daniel Mejia

9 ¾ Bookstore + Café / Plasma Nodo

Beautiful and very cosy 9 3/4 Bookstore + Café, located in Plaza Pakita. The combined bookstore and café is designed by Plasma Nodo and they have created a relaxed and colorful environment, for coffee, design and book lovers, that is filled with unlimited levels of inspiration for everybody to enjoy...