Macbook vs. iPad: Which One is Best for Graphic Design

Graphic design is something that needs your full attention, and you have to look for every little detail. Hence, comparing Macbook vs iPad will help you find the better one for graphic design. Are you too in this confusion and don’t know how to move on?

Don’t worry; today, I’m going to give you a close at the difference between a MacBook and an iPad for graphic design. In this article, I’ll explore the pros, features and everything about these devices to help you decide which one will suit your creativity best.

Using macbook for video editing

MacBook for Graphic Design

MacBook is a faithful companion of many graphic designers. If it’s about power and versatility, the MacBook is incomparable. Imagine a sleek aluminium chassis, a vibrant Retina display that makes colours pop, and processing prowess that’s ready to tackle heavy design software.

macbook vs ipad for graphics designing
  • Processing Power: MacBook’s robust processors, like the Apple M1 chip, ensure smooth multitasking and speedy rendering of intricate designs.
  • Colour Accuracy: The Retina display offers exceptional colour accuracy, which is crucial to ensure that your creations look stunning in print and digital formats.
  • Software Compatibility: With a Macbook, you can get a full suite of professional design software at your fingertips, making intricate editing and designing a joy for you.

iPad for Graphic Design

Now, let’s talk about the iPad – the trendy new player in the graphic design world. You can’t underestimate an iPad, especially in the world of illustration and on-the-go creativity.

In addition, with the Apple Pencil by your side, let your creativity know no bounds. And guess what! You can charge the Apple pencil without an adapter in different ways.

graphics designing in ipad
  • Touchscreen Magic: The intuitive touch interface and Apple Pencil support make sketching and creating digital art feel like second nature.
  • Portability Redefined: Need to whip up a design concept while sipping your latte at a café? The iPad’s portability lets you design anywhere inspiration strikes.
  • Battery Life: Say goodbye to outlets. iPads have an impressive battery life that ensures that your creativity won’t be disturbed in the middle of something important. 

MacBook vs iPad for Graphic Design: Features

Now, it’s time to discuss the most crucial factors of any device. So, let’s start.

Maacbook vs iPad for graphics design and vide editing
  • Display: MacBook’s Retina display boasts stunning colour accuracy, while the iPad’s Liquid Retina display with ProMotion technology offers an ultra-responsive canvas.
  • Input: MacBook relies on a trackpad and keyboard, which is ideal for detailed design work. Meanwhile, the iPad’s touchscreen and Apple Pencil offer a natural drawing experience.
  • Software: MacBook runs the full range of design software, while iPad apps like Procreate offer unique artistic capabilities.
  • Portability: The iPad takes the cake here. It slips into your bag easily, ready to accompany you on your design adventures.

Workflow and Portability

Consider your workflow and where you see yourself working the most. The MacBook’s power and familiar interface might be your match if you’re a studio-bound designer handling complex projects. However, the iPad could be your creative haven if you’re a nomadic creator hopping from one inspiring location to another.

macbook vs Ipad portability

Hence, ultimately, it depends on your personal choices, preferences and the nature of your work. Meanwhile, both devices are exceptional in their creative area and offer outstanding tools, so whatever you choose, choose wisely.


There’s no clear winner in the MacBook vs. iPad face-off for graphic design supremacy – it all comes down to your individual needs.

The MacBook is maybe the dream of many designers for its processing muscle and software compatibility. While the iPad can be an ideal choice for someone wandering with a creative mind.  

So, have you decided now? Just don’t forget that your creativity knows no bounds. 


Can I run Adobe Photoshop on an iPad?

Absolutely! Adobe offers a version of Photoshop designed explicitly for iPad, ensuring you can edit and create seamlessly on the go.

Is the Apple Pencil necessary for graphic design on the iPad?

The Apple Pencil is to enhance your precision and creativity. It’s a valuable tool for detailed work and artistic expression.

Can I connect external devices to an iPad for graphic design?

Yes, you can connect accessories like keyboards and external storage devices to certain iPad models to boost your productivity.

Can the iPad handle large design projects?

Yes, of course. The iPad’s processing capabilities have evolved, so it can now easily handle large design projects.

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